Manuscript Submission

The process of submission to this conference is described in this Submission Information page. It includes information to guide the authors through the whole process, from paper submission through conference presentation preparation.

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General Manuscript Preparation Guidelines:

  • All manuscripts should be submitted in either MS Word or PDF format only.
  • The manuscript should address one of the topics listed in the call for papers.
  • The APA referencing style is the recognized reference method, and all contributors included in the manuscript should be appropriately acknowledged using referencing and citations.
  • Tables and figures should be clearly labelled and of high quality.
  • One author should be designated as the corresponding author (All future communications will be sent to the corresponding author).
  • For submission, the corresponding author should get the consent from all the co-authors. ICACRS will not be liable for responding to the manuscript's co-authors.
  • The entire submission process will be handled through the conference Email in a very professional manner.
  • Submit the manuscript via Email on or before the stipulated deadline.
  • Authors should proof-read the manuscript to avoid any grammatical or typographical errors. Manuscript can be rejected due to a poor standard of English.
  • After satisfying all the above mentioned requirements, authors should mail their manuscript to Only after acceptance, authors are allowed to sign the publishing agreement and register to the conference.


Paper Template  



Contributions that do not conform to the guidelines will not be preceded to the next stage. Manuscript received after the given deadline, due to any reason will not be accepted unless the deadline is extended.



By submitting the manuscript, within the stipulated deadline the author receives an email confirming the status of selection for the conference. This email will confirm the date for returning your full manuscript. Please note that this is a FINAL date. Earlier submission is encouraged as it helps us to manage the review process in a timely manner.


In case of Revision/Rejection:

Case 1: If the manuscript has been suggested for a revision. Author should revise the manuscript according to the specified reviewer comments and submit the updated manuscript on or before the specified final submission deadline.

Case 2: If the manuscript has plagiarism or if the submitted research work is out of the conference theme, it will be rejected without suggesting any further revision

Case 3: The manuscript can also be rejected due to poor English Standard.


Publication Ethics

  • Researchers should conduct their research - from research proposal to publication - in line with best practices and codes of conduct.
  • If any ethical issues or misconduct are encountered when the manuscript is submitted for publication. The manuscript will be rejected.
  • The manuscript prior to submission should be checked for plagiarism. The similarity content should not exceed 15%.
  • If any copyrighted material is used within the manuscript, prior permission from the copyright holder must be obtained.


NOTE: Papers that are plagiarized will be rejected without any review.