2nd International Conference on
Electronic Circuits and Signaling Technologies

(ICECST - 2024)

5-6, July 2024 | Coimbatore, India

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organized by PPG Institute of Technology
Important Dates
Paper Submission Due
15 February, 2024 Final Acceptance Notification
25 March, 2024 Last Date of Registration
2 June, 2024 Conference Date
5-6, July 2024

The 2nd International Conference on Electronic Circuits and Signaling Technologies [ICECST 2024] has been planned to highlight the rapidly emerging technologies related to advanced electronic circuits and signal processing technologies. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to present and discuss about the state-of-the-art research innovations, trends, and challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of intelligent electronic circuits and signal processing technologies. The signals, communications and embedded domain covers the analog and digital signals and systems and embedded system by using the analytical and digital tools for the analysis of deterministic signals and applications to digital signal processing and digital/analog communications. The 2nd International Conference on Electronic Circuits and Signaling Technologies [ICECST 2024] is proud to host a global gathering of novel research expertise in advanced characterization techniques in the highly complex field of signal processing and information communications, which brings together researchers, practitioners, and scientists to discuss about the latest methods, research developments, and future opportunities. Moreover, ICECST 2024 has been designed to leverage a unique opportunity to gain state-of-the-art research insights through knowledge exchange on the convergence between the smart and advanced Electronic Circuits and Signaling Technologies.

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